From We are very pleased to announce the release of Sesame 2.5.0. This is a major new release with some very exciting features:

  • SPARQL 1.1 Query Language support
    Sesame 2.5 features near-complete support for the SPARQL 1.1 Query Language Last Call Working Draft , including all new builtin functions and operators, improved aggregation behavior and more.
  • SPARQL 1.1 Update support
    Sesame 2.5 has full support for the new SPARQL 1.1 Update Working Draft. The Repository API has been extended to support creation of SPARQL Update operations, the SAIL API has been extended to allow Update operations to be passed directly to the underlying backend implementation for optimized execution. Also, the Sesame Workbench application has been extended to allow easy execution of SPARQL update operations on your repositories.
  • SPARQL 1.1 Protocol support
    Sesame 2.5 fully supports the SPARQL 1.1 Protocol for RDF Working Draft. The Sesame REST protocol has been extended to allow update operations via SPARQL on repositories. A Sesame server therefore now automatically publishes any repository as a fully compliant SPARQL endpoint.
  • Binary RDF support
    Sesame 2.5 includes a new binary RDF serialization format. This format has been derived from the existing binary tuple results format. It’s main features are reduced parsing overhead and minimal memory requirements (for handling really long literals, a.o.t.).

Sesame 2.5 SPARQL improvements have been made possible by Ontotext, in cooperation with Aduna. We hope you enjoy the new features and look forward to receiving your feedback.

See the release notes for a full overview of all changes.

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